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Plumeria Plumeria

The plumeria flower’s sweet fragrance and vibrant colors easily make it one of Hawaii’s most iconic symbols. Whether you wear the pua melia (Hawaiian for plumeria flower) around your neck as a lei, up in your hair as an adornment, or over your ear to indicate your relationship status (over your left ear means you are “taken” and over your right ear means you are “available”), be sure to experience the beauty and fragrance of this Hawaiian flower.

The indulgent scent and beauty of the plumeria can be captured in plumeria-shaped scented floating candles, luxurious body lotions, and even elegant island jewelry. These items make great souvenirs and gifts to take home. Just don’t miss the chance to experience the real thing!

Colors and Scent

Plumeria come in a variety of colors. They are a happy yellow, deep crimson, chaste white, and a range of pink and orange sunsets. The pure yellow plumeria are the longest lasting and have the deepest scent. The white plumeria have the shortest lifespan, but you can still enjoy the delicate scent

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